change how you feel about food

plant-based natural foods chef

hi there, i'm marisa ford. i believe in the power of food to bring family and friends together. i have spent a lifetime learning about food and how it affects, sustains, and defines our lives. my passion for food has shaped my friendships, my travels, and my daily life. i consume a plant-based diet and am eager to show others how easy it is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily routines.


creating food experiences

blueberry bbq sauce burger

recipe development

work with brands on recipes, food styling, and photography for their websites, social media, and marketing materials. consult with brands on vegan product development. work with restaurants to develop vegan menu items. 

mini maitake mushroom tacos

dinners + events

a uniquely curated meal beautifully plated for private dinner parties and events. your full attention can be devoted to helping your guests have a pleasant experience. together we will create an unforgettable evening.

marisa ford tokyo pop-up


a one-of-a-kind culinary experience with menus based on availability of local produce and seasonal ingredients. designed to bring people together over food that they may not have encountered before. 



have knives will travel

i began working in the natural products industry in 2004 and quickly became more and more interested in health and wellness. i became vegan in october 2004 out of compassion for animals. i continue to live a vegan lifestyle today not only for animal welfare but also for health and environmental reasons. 
i received a professional plant-based certification from rouxbe online cooking school in 2014. i followed that with a certified holistic health coach certification in 2015 from institute of integrative nutrition. next, i enrolled in culinary school at natural gourmet institute in new york city so i could learn more about health supportive cuisine.
while in new york, i worked with several up-and-coming chefs in restaurants and pop-up dinner events. my time there helped me gain a global flavor palette and i now enjoy juxtaposing flavors and ingredients in unusual ways.

i am continually hungry to learn new techniques and have even taken some raw food courses with plantlab culinary in venice, california.